Chen Premieres An Unfamiliar Day, Heartwarming OST From Doctor Lawyer 2022 #Celebrity

Chen: Although the premiere of Chen’s new OST was expected on July 1st, EXO-L was very surprised to discover that the song was released earlier and appeared in the new episode of Doctor Lawyer. A sad and moving melody perfect for a key moment in the life of the protagonist.

Chen of EXO premiered their new OST called An Unfamiliar Daywhich is part of the fiscal drama Dr Lawyeran exciting story about a doctor who gives up his career to become a medical malpractice lawyer.

EXO-L couldn’t be happier to hear from Chen again in the drama world. After more than two years of hiatus, the idol returns with a moving song that promises to be a fundamental piece in the drama Doctor Lawyer.

In addition to a sad melody, EXO’s Chen gave an interview for the premiere of his song, in which he talks about his experience filming An Unfamiliar Day and his future plans in the world of OSTs.

Chen premiered his new OST ‘An Unfamiliar Day’, for the drama Doctor Lawyer

Although it had previously been reported that his OST would be revealed on July 1st, EXO-Ls were excited to find out that EXO’s Chen’s new song was revealed sooner than expected. delighting with An Unfamiliar Day on June 17 this year.

With a sad melody and moving, Chen returned with new music after his discharge from military service. Although she had previously covered one of her songs, this is her official comeback with new music. You can listen to her new song here:

Doctor Lawyer is about a doctor who, after facing a complicated case, decides to retire as a doctor and become a medical malpractice lawyer. This is where he begins a fight against doctors who work with negligence or giving favors and different treatment to people because of their social status. You can watch it on doramasflix.

EXO’s Chen Plans To Keep Releasing OSTs For Different Dramas

On the other hand, Chen shared in an interview what he felt while filming An Unfamiliar Day for Doctor Lawyer. The idol mentioned that she sought to fully express all of the emotions in the song’s lyrics to help touch viewers’ hearts, as the song would appear in important plot scenes.

On the other hand, he also expressed his desire to participate in the OST of historical dramas, it is a challenge that he wants to face in the near future. Without a doubt, many fans look forward to continuing to hear her voice. Did you like her new song?

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