Chen Sang at London’s HallyuPopFest, Received Support From Fans 2022 #Celebrity

Chen: A moment that many EXO-Ls have been waiting for finally arrived, as EXO’s Chen returned to sing on stage. The idol finished his military service a few weeks ago and this performance was the first time he has met his fans since he got out of the army.

Chen of EXO was one of the invited artists in HallyuPopFest 2022 in London, England. Is presentation It marked the idol’s first meeting with his fans since he finished his military service, and EXO-L couldn’t be happier to hear his voice on stage again.

After two years of hiatus in which they did not know if Chen would continue in the world of music or not, EXO-L can finally claim victory as the idol returned to the stage again surrounded by love and affection from his fans. .

EXO’s Chen sang several of his songs at HallyuPopFest in London

One of the moments that many EXO fans were waiting for was Chen’s return to the scenery. After announcing his marriage and entering the military, the idol had several hate attacks from Korean fans demanding his departure from the group. For that reason, his return to the stage was very emotional for the fans who supported his engagement.

After leaving the military after nearly two years of hiatus, Chen was silent for a while. After that she shared a cover of her own song Hold You Tight and a few weeks later she participated in the OST of the drama Doctor Lawyer with the song An Unfamiliar Day.

Now the idol had his first meet with his fans in Londonwhere he was invited to the festival HallyuPopFest in which many EXO-Ls gathered to celebrate their return to music.

In the festival, Chen interpreted his hits Shall We, My Dear, Love Words, Best Luck, and Everytime, as fans of the idol and other artists raised their lightsticks and cheered excitedly for the idol’s comeback. Without a doubt, a great reception for Chen.

Fans from all over the world congratulated Chen on his return to the stage

Since his arrival in London, EXO-Ls from all over the world started tweeting messages for EXO’s Chen, making JongDae’s name a global trend for several hours, lively sharing photos of the idol at the airport, on the red carpet and in his moments. together with the MCs of the Festival. Fans couldn’t stop commenting on how happy they looked to see Chen smiling brightly and how amazing the king of ballads sounded on stage. Were you excited about Chen’s return?

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