Chen Showed Up in Sydney and Promised To Be Back With EXO Soon 2022 #Celebrity

This weekend, EXO’s Chen performed in Australia as part of the HallyuPopFest event. Where thousands of K-Pop fans gathered to see their favorite artists and showed support at each performance. During her show, Chen sang several of her most famous songs and talked about EXO.

Chen of EXO was one of the main acts in the HallyuPopFest 2022 from Sydney, Australia. The idol performed solo and sang several of his hits in front of a large audience. On top of that, he mentioned EXO.

EXO-L is still very happy to see Chen on stage again. After concluding his military service, the idol came back with an OST for the drama Doctor Lawyer and later performed on the HallyuPopFest From london. Now, Chen had a new show in Sydney.

EXO’s Chen had a performance at HallyuPopFest and remembered EXO

A few hours ago, EXO’s Chen gave a show in Sydney, Australia, to close the HallyuPopFest festival. The idol performed songs like Best Luck, My Dear and Beautiful Goodbye, among others of his hits.

At the beginning of his presentationChen confessed that he felt very nervous about performing solo, saying that he had a feeling of butterflies in his stomach and mentioned that it had been 5 years since he last met fans of Australia.

After performing his songs, at the end of the show, the idol thanked all the concertgoers who sang with him and shouted for him. And he asked the fans to wait because I would go back with EXO coming soon. Causing excitement among EXO-Ls, making sure that meant the idol would participate in EXO’s comebacks.

Will Chen be a part of EXO’s comeback this year?

So far, the exact date of the come back has not been confirmed. Nor the number of members who will participate in the comeback. Although the members have sent in a couple of tracks and mentioned that they are working on their comeback. It is still unknown if Chen will be part and if they will wait for chanyeol complete his military service to also join the comeback. It would be amazing to see both of them on their return.

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