Chobe Europa’s Bitcoin ETP Listed on ETC Group

As the area of ​​use and popularity of cryptocurrencies increases, the number of new products is also increasing rapidly. Most recently, ETC Group, Europe’s leading provider of enterprise-grade digital asset-backed securities, announced that it will list physically-backed BTCetc.


ETC Group Launches New Bitcoin ETP

Bitcoin ETF and ETP products, which are globally known, continue to be traded in new markets. Finally, ETC Group’s BTCetc will be listed for trading on Cboe’s Amsterdam-based exchange Cboe Europe BV, trading in euros and clearing by SIX x-clear.

Speaking on the subject Tim Bevan, Founder and CEO of ETC Group made the following statements:

“Bringing BTCE as a flagship product to Cboe Europe is a logical step as interest in crypto grows worldwide. The BTCE listing on Cboe Europe further solidifies ETC Group’s leadership position in Europe-based crypto-backed securities.”

Cboe Europe is a leading provider of Pan-European equities and derivatives market infrastructure. Additionally, it operates the largest pan-European exchange in terms of market share and traded value, offering securities trading in 18 European markets through exchanges in the Netherlands (Cboe NL) and the United Kingdom (Cboe UK).

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