CoD Vanguard and Warzone: Update Brings Partnership With Terminator

Activision has left a “clue” about their upcoming partnership that is on the way to Call of Duty: Varguard and Warzoneannouncing the arrival of the Terminator (terminator) to games soon.

Collaboration will be added midway through Season 4, arriving today at CoD: Vanguard and tomorrow the Call of Duty: Warzone. Players must update the game on their respective platforms to have access to the news of Mercenaries of Fortune the fourth season of the titles.

The announcement of the partnership was made on social networks, where Activision released a teaser with the company’s logo. skynetthe corporation involved in the events seen in the series Terminator. The image shows what appears to be the liquid metal alloy used in Terminator models like the T-1000, capable of shape-shifting and replicating the look of other people.

the movie franchise Terminator is the latest to show up in Call of Duty, which has had collaborations that brought Rambo and John McClane (from the movie Die Hard) to first-person shooters. Additionally, Godzilla and King Kong also made appearances in CoD in Operation Monarch.

with the arrival of Season 4: Mercenaries of Fortunethe Fortune’s Keep map is available for both games, while players of Vanguard also receive new content for Multiplayer mode and witness the return of Shi No Mura in Zombies.

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