Confirm Collaboration With Jungkook, Jin, V and Jimin 2022 #Celebrity

Despite the announcement of their break as a group, BTS continues to surprise ARMY whenever they can. On this occasion, working on a collaboration with the American musician and producer Benny Blanco. How did this collaboration of the BTS Vocal Line come about?

Through a video, vowel line of BTS announced that he will have a collaboration with the American producer benny white, who is the author of hits like Justin Bieber’s Love Yourself and Rihanna’s Diamonds. This is what is known about his new project.

ARMY is very excited to learn that there will be new music from BTS soon. Not only was J-Hope’s solo debut with Jack In The Box recently, but they also got to enjoy Jungkook’s collaboration with Charlie Puth on Left and Right. Now, the vocal line of the group will have a collaboration with Benny Blanco.

As soon as it was announced, this collaboration is being highly anticipated by the fans of the celebrities involved, because Benny Blanco is a multi-hit author, so they know that the new song will be a success. What is known about Benny Blanco’s collaboration with BTS?

Jimin, Jin, Jungkook and V confirm collaboration with Benny Blanco in a video

Through a Tik Tok style video of benny whiteit was announced collaboration with the vocal line of BTS. Completely exciting the fans of both celebrities who can’t wait to see the music they are going to release.

The video It is in the style of a video call and Benny Blanco is seen asking BTS if he can be part of the group, since he wants to sing and dance like them. The South Korean group denies the idea but Jimin proposes that instead of joining, they should better make a collaboration. To which Benny Blanco replies that they will make the best song in the world, causing Jimin, Jin, Jungkook and Taehyung start dancing You can watch the video here:

When does BTS’s collaboration with Benny Blanco premiere?

So far only confirmed collaboration by Benny Blanco with the vocal line of BTS. But fans hope that in the next few days the exact date of the launch. Since previously when Jungkook’s collaboration with Charlie Puth was confirmed, it didn’t take many days to give a date and advance. Don’t forget to stay tuned for any news! Are you looking forward to this collaboration?

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