Countdown Starts for Shiba Inu: 2 Days Left!

Shiba Inu: There seems to be some important news for Shiba Inu (SHIB), the second largest meme coin. It is stated that Shiba Inu’s project is preparing for beta testnet in Shibarium. Here are the details…

What will happen on June 8 for the Shiba Inu (SHIB)?

The Unification/XFUND Mainnet update will go live on June 8th. The Shiba Inu community thinks this mainnet update has something to do with the Shibarium Layer-2 launch. Rumors of the Shibarium launch have been revived across all social media platforms, especially Twitter, as the Shiba Inu community expects some information about the potential Shibarium Layer-2 launch from the upcoming XFUND Mainnet update.

SHIB Must Do This To Prevent A Brutal Selloff!

Unification FUND is a hybrid Blockchain that allows WRKChains to be deployed. Unification XFUND brings DeFi management to Unification and empowers oracle. The XFUND Mainnet update will be released on June 8, and the community is speculating that good news for the Shibarium release will also arrive on this date. As we’ve also reported, Unification is the primary developer of Shibarium. In April, “Unification” confirmed that the Shibarium Public Testnet will launch this year.

Shibarium will be the backbone of the entire ecosystem

Shibarium, the tier 2 solution proposed by the creator of the Shiba Inu alias Ryoshi, is expected to be the backbone of all SHIB projects under development, particularly SHI and ShibFE (Shibarium Financial Ecosystem), according to Shytoshi Kusama. The Shibarium has garnered much attention from the Shiba community. It aims to reduce transaction fees for its users. It will provide a scaling and cost-effective solution for many projects in the Shiba Inu ecosystem, including SHIB: The Metaverse and Shiba Inu Games.

As rumors began to circulate, several community members began asking the Shiba Inu team for an official update on the potential Shibarium layer-2 launch and its connection to the upcoming XFUND mainnet update. Around this time, former SHIB Growth Breed member Gossip SHIB responded to one of the tweets from community members that June 8 and 9 may have a Shibarium update on the XFUND mainnet, which may signal to the developer that SHIB developers may begin beta testing of Shibarium. However, he states that this does not mean that the public testnet will be released. However, he also called his tweet “rumor” as it did not come from the official Shiba Inu Twitter page.

Another news for SHIB

Earlier on May 11, Shytoshi Kusama published his official blog article titled “Shibshire Blastaway”. He confirmed that Shibarium is close to launch and could go live in the next few weeks or months. However, he declined to give the exact launch date in his blog post. Instead, the lead developer of the SHIB ecosystem told the community to be mentally prepared as the team is ready for a safe and eventual launch of a decentralized world very soon.

Meanwhile, a new development took place on the John Richmond front, the clothing brand that Shiba Inu announced its partnership with. Milkshake, a major influencer in the Shiba community, has leaked images of some of the designs that are expected to be featured in the outfits that will be available in partnership with SHIB. MILKSHAKE recently shared a video showing the various Shiba Inu tags that will be featured on John Richmond outfits.

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