Crypto Whales Turn To MATIC

Two cryptocurrency whales have added massive amounts of MATIC to their wallets. Ethereum (ETH) whales have started buying Polygon’s native token MATIC in large quantities, according to data from WhaleStats.

However, MATIC has become one of the most popular smart contracts on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain. Two crypto whales have added nearly two and a half million dollars of Polygon (MATIC) to their wallets.

WhaleStats shared on Twitter that there were two MATIC purchases worth $1,135,265 and $1,430,274. The whale named Bonobo bought itself 1,199,999 MATIC, while BlueWhale0072 bought 1,461,354 MATIC. Thus, 3.15% of the second whale’s portfolio became MATIC.

The cryptocurrency whale named Bonobo bought $1,347,999 Apecoin (APE) after the MATIC purchase. This whale ranks fifth among the largest Ethereum wallets. According to the data of WhaleStats, MATIC has entered the list of 10 cryptocurrencies with the highest trading volume. The token ranks 6th after FTX Token.

MATIC is trading at $0.9493 at the time of writing, according to CoinMarketCap data.

Larry Brown

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