CryptoPunk Themed NFT Necklace by Tiffany & Co

Although its volume has decreased recently, exciting developments continue to occur in the NFT world. Recently, a new project was announced by adding a new one to the rapidly increasing investments and projects. Luxury jewelry brand Tiffany and Co. Introduced a CryptoPunk themed necklace.


$50,000 CryptoPunk Necklace from Tiffany & Co

NFTs are not just collectibles or games. NFTs and the smart contract technology behind them, which have the potential to be used in almost every field, open the door to many new products today. Finally, Tiffany & Co, which has made a name for itself in the jewelry industry for many years, could not remain indifferent to NFTs and announced its new necklace. The necklace series consisting of 250 pieces will meet the buyers for 30 ETH. As of the writing of our news, these necklaces, which are approximately $ 50,000, are designed in such a way that precious stones are placed on the pixels of CryptoPunk NFTs.

Only CryptoPunks NFT owners will be able to own the necklaces, which will meet their buyers on August 5th.

After these sales, Tiffany & Co is expected to generate approximately $12 million in net income. After this income, the commissions he will receive from royalties will be passively transferred to the company in the future.

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