Curiosities of GOT7 Fly Tour, The Group’s First World Tour 2022 #Celebrity

GOT7 has had 3 very successful tours around the world and fans hope that at some point they will return to various countries with their concerts. Today we remember interesting and unforgettable facts of Fly Tour 2016.

The members of GOT7 debuted at the beginning of 2014, tried different concepts through their comebacks, and conquered international audiences. In 2016 they announced their comeback with Fly Log: Departure and at the same time, they made their fans happy by announcing that they would start a tour.

In honor of the new album, this series of concerts took the name of fly toursled them to perform in different cities and continents, creating many memories together with the fans.

the tour of GOT7 had great and unforgettable moments, but also some very difficult ones, here we tell you a little about the experience of K-Pop idols during that first tour.

GOT7: Interesting facts to remember how the Fly Tour was

  • The tour began with two concerts in Seoul on April 29 and 30, 2016, continued with cities in Asia and the United States, returning again to South Korea where they closed the tour with two shows in the capital.
  • As in all the tours of this group, during the Fly Tour the members of GOT7 presented songs by subunits. Mark Tuan and Jinyoung sang Higher, Jay B and Youngjae Youngjae performed 1:31, while Youngyeom, BamBam, and Jackson Wang performed Feel My Vibe and WOLO.
  • Jay B injured his back during the tour and the idol’s injury required this boy to rest, so he was unable to perform during some concerts with his bandmates.
  • During this tour, GOT7 members covered some girl groups like Red Velvet, GFriend, and AOA. BamBam thanked Red Velvet for letting them perform Dumb Dumb (it was the performance he was participating in) and jokingly even invited them to cover Fly.
  • Youngjae was unable to perform at the Dallas concert due to illness. Years later, when they returned with the Keep Spinning tour, Jay B said that on that occasion they were very scared to see his sick partner and sweating due to the discomfort he had.
  • When Jay B recovered from his injury and returned to concerts, he cried while singing 3:31 with Youngjae. The moment was very emotional, as everyone knew how much they had to overcome for the 7 to be together again on stage, but after that, that memory became an opportunity that the members used to joke around with Jaebeom.
  • At the end of the tour, a special video was published that compiled some special scenes from the tour. Set to the melody of Fly, we saw several of the stages of these singers around the world and the outfits they wore on stage.
  • The concert was sold on DVD and Blu-Ray, since the shows that were filmed were the closing of the tour, it bears the name of GOT7 1st Concert Fly In Seoul Final.

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