Curiosities of The Devil Jugde That Will Make You Relive The K-Drama 2022 #Celebrity

The Devil Jugde has just celebrated a year since its premiere, its broadcast gave us action, emotions and suspense through a legal and revenge drama. Next we remember the story and tell you curiosities that you probably did not know about the cast, the filming and the plot.

If you like exciting dramas, with chases and characters seeking revenge or justice, surely you have already seen the episodes of The Devil Jugde this drama takes us into a Korean dystopia where people in power are ruling without paying attention to the chaos that is really experienced in their nation.

Ji Sung gives life to Kang Yo Han, a judge who proposes the alternative of broadcasting the trials as if it were a television program, in this way everyone could be sure that justice is being done and that their voices are taken into account but, Do you really want to enforce the law?

Here we tell you several fun facts and very interesting about the actors and actresses who were part of the cast, as well as the filming and its OST.

What you did not know about The Devil Jugde, secrets of the cast and history

  • During several scenes, Kim Ga On was thrown by Kang Yohan towards the wall or was held by the neck, because of this in the behind the scenes we could see that Ji Sung always apologized for jinyoung repeatedly when filming such scenes, she would make sure he was okay and even help him rearrange his wardrobe or hairstyle.
  • The protagonists of kdrama They had worked together before, Jinyoung and Park Gyu Young were in the drama School of Magic, while Ji Sung and Kim Min Jung were part of New Heart.
  • The episodes with the highest ratings of The Devil Jugde were the 16th and last chapter, followed by the 15th and then the 4th, however both the drama and its actors remained among the most popular of each week during its broadcast, according to to data analysis done with South Korean fans in mind.
  • Do you miss hearing the exciting intro of the K-Drama? The song that started this Korean series is named after Storm and is played by HuckleBerryfinn.
  • In one of the episodes of the drama, the song Losing My Religion by REM plays, this melody not only contributes to the atmosphere of the scene but also appears at a very appropriate moment, since it is when Kim Ga On begins to question the justice system in the that he had believed for a long time and to whom he dedicated part of his life.
  • The Devil Judge made a brief cameo in another tvN K-Drama, a poster for the series appears in one of the story episodes of shooting starsLee Sung Kyung’s latest drama.
  • The Devil Judge screenwriter revealed that when he met Jinyoung, he asked the fellow idol if he had read the script and he denied it, noting that he probably wouldn’t be cast in the role. However, the writer recalls the confidence and rebellious look in him that immediately made him look like the associate judge they were looking for.

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