Curiosities to know more about the group that comes to Mexico 2022 #celebrity

A piece of news that completely excited K-Pop fans in Latin America is the inclusion of several cities in the world tour of The Rose, a popular South Korean band. The four-member group has stood out for its unique style and playing instruments live. If the band catches your attention, these are some curiosities you should know about them.

rose is a four-piece South Korean band that debuted in 2017 and will soon have a world tour called HEAL TOGETHER, in which they will visit more than 36 cities around the world. These are some fun facts from them.

This year is a great year for K-Pop fans in Latin America, as there are several groups that have performed in their countries and continue to confirm dates to appear in more countries around the world.

One of the South Korean bands that will soon be in Latin America is rose, who recently confirmed several South American countries on their world tour. If you still don’t know The Rose, here are some facts about the group to get to know them better.

Curious facts about The Rose that every fan should know

  • Before debuting as The Rose, three members had another group.

Do Joon, Ha Joon and Jaehyun had a group in 2015 called Windfall, soon after Woo Sung decided to join the group and they formed The Rose.

  • They used to sing covers in the streets of Seoul

Long before their debut, the group used to perform on the streets of health singing covers of other groups. However, in addition to the covers, the group also promoted their original song Sorry, which would later become part of their official discography.

  • The name of his fandom has a powerful meaning

The fans of The Rose are called BlackRose and the reason for choosing this color is because black roses mean protection, which means that the group’s fandom is always protecting them.

  • Each member represents a different color of pink

All members have a special color of pink, woo sung It has the white that means purity, Do Joon red for passion, Ha Joon the blue, which means miracle. Finally, Jae-hyung represents the pink rose, which means happiness.

  • Z.Hera, actress of Moon Lovers is a fan of the group.

actress and singer Z. Hera He proved to be a fan of the group, shortly after sharing on networks that he had an autographed album from the group. Z.Hera appeared in dramas like Moon Lovers and Love Alarm.

Are there still tickets available to see The Rose in Mexico?

The general ticket sales to see The Rose in Mexico starts tomorrow, August 12 at 10:00 am Although the official pre-sale tickets are sold out, many fans say that they may not have released all the tickets in the first sale and more tickets will be available tomorrow. For the people who signed up to the fanclub and were able to access the presale, some new tickets were released a few hours ago, so more could get a ticket. Do you already have yours?

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