Curious facts about _WORLD, the group’s new MV 2022 #celebrity

After their success with Face the Sun, SEVENTEEN released a new repackage album called SECTOR 17 and the title track of their comeback was _WORLD, a single that included a fun music video that hides several important details that you may not have known. Do you want to know what they are?

SEVENTEEN released his new song called _WORLD a fun and sweet melody that includes a colorful MV where each of the members has fun in their own way. These are some fun facts of the video recording.

SEVENTEEN completely thrilled CARAT with the release of _WORLD, as it’s a completely different style than what idols delivered to them with HOT, their title track from last album.

For that reason, if you enjoyed SEVENTEEN’s _WORLD, these are some important facts and facts that you should know about the recording process of their new music video that will leave you completely surprised.

Curiosities of _WORLD of SEVENTEEN, this was behind the scenes

  • _WORLD is a song about a new world

During the music video recordings, Woozi explained that _WORLD is about a new world, in which people wish it would be a happier and kinder world, a completely pleasant world to inhabit.

  • Song with warm message and positive energy

On the other hand, the members of SEVENTEEN confirmed that the song has a warm message to make Carat’s heart happy and fill him with positive energy, which is why the melody is so relaxing.

  • The taxi window scene was not special effects

Many fans were surprised to discover that the taxi window scene was recorded by inserting the camera all the way into the taxi while Vernon was driving the car and the director was holding the camera moving the electric hoverboard forward.

  • They celebrated Hoshi’s birthday

During filming, the members of SEVENTEEN surprised Hoshi with a cake to celebrate his birthday, and together they sang to wish their partner a happy birthday.

  • SEVENTEEN prepared a food cart for CARAT

For fans who attended the _WORLD music video pre-recording, the members of SEVENTEEN prepared a food cart that served hot dogs for their fans.

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