Diablo Immortal: Video Compares Free-To-Play with Paid Loot

Diablo Immortal: Streamer and content creator Asmongold has spent quite a bit of time on the newly released Diablo Immortal, including calculating how much you have spent on the game throughout your lives. Its secondary YouTube account, entirely dedicated to creating clips, put together a quick comparison of the loot offered in a dungeon of the game with and without financial investment:

In less than a minute we can see the result of the play where US$ 20 (R$ 95) was invested: a shower of loot and prizes. Without investment, the player received nothing. A difference was obviously to be expected, but the size of the difference can be quite surprising to anyone hoping to play.

The amount was paid in “crests”, which act as “modifiers” for the raid. Basically it’s a way to boost the loot that can be received. Of course without the boosts the loot is lower, but it’s still scary that it can basically go to zero.

It is because of situations like Diablo Immortal  has been bombarded with negative reviews, accusing the game of being pay to win in PvP and abusing abusive and predatory microtransactions.

Problems with the game’s microtransactions seem to surface more in the endgame, which is why it’s taken a few days since its release – on June 2nd – for complaints to really gain traction.

Activision Blizzard has not yet commented on whether it intends to make any changes to the Diablo Immortal.

Larry Brown

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