Did Jin from BTS go to J-Hope’s party from Jack In The Box? 2022 #celebrity

The party of the year in the Hallyu industry was given by J-Hope, which was attended by stars from both K-Pop and Korean R&B. Among the guests were Jessi, HyunA, Dawn, PH-1, Heize, Cha Eun Woo, and BIGBANG’s Taeyang, among others. Of course, the members of BTS could not miss the event, however, two of them did not appear in photos of the event and everyone wondered where Jin and Suga were. The worldwide handsome decided to answer that question on Weverse.

Jin of BTS attended the party launch of jack in the boxthe new solo album by J Hope. However, although the photos and videos of the event flooded social networks, the idol was conspicuous by his absence. Where was Jin at the party?

Many fans expressed concern about not seeing Jin in the photos from the Jack In The Box pre-release party, wondering why the idol hadn’t attended his fellow group member’s party. However, as soon as Jin shared photos of him at the event online, fans wondered where he was hiding.

It is not a secret for ARMY that the worldwide handsome He has a calmer and somewhat serious personality than the rest of his classmates and they wondered if he hadn’t lived or danced with the rest of the party guests. Jin was quick to resolve that question for his fans through Weverse.

Jin went to J-Hope’s party and sat in a corner to read webtoons

Through his social networks, Jin from BTS shared photos of his attendance at J-Hope’s party, which he gave for the pre-release of Jack In The Box, his first official solo album. Being a big event, everyone wanted to see the members of BTS together, but they were worried when they couldn’t find Jin anywhere.

An ARMY decided to ask through Weverse why the idol hadn’t come to J-Hope’s party. In his response, Jin confessed that he had come to the party but as soon as he heard all of J-Hope’s songs he sat away from the hustle and bustle to read webtoonfor that reason, it did not appear in the photographs.

On the other hand, he confessed that he didn’t personally know many people who attended the party other than Bang Si Hyuk and PDogg. For that reason, she confessed to having been hiding of the rest to enjoy your reading. In some videos of other guests, she can be seen standing while enjoying a drink, but there were few appearances that she had.

In his messages, Jin also revealed that he had to return home to playing video games for recharge your energy, all to heal his heart. Without a doubt, Jin is a reserved young man who prefers the calm of his house to a party with many strangers. Were you surprised why he didn’t appear in photos?

Which BTS members attended J-Hope’s party for Jack In The Box?

In many photos shared by partygoers, Jimin, RM, Taehyung and Jungkook could be seen fully enjoying the event while chatting with other celebrities or dancing in the middle of the floor enjoying the music. In the case of Suga, J-Hope confirmed live that the idol could not attend his party because he had a fever and felt a cold, out of concern he decided not to go to the party.

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