Did Song Kang Know How To Dance Ballet Before Appearing in Navillera? 2022 #Celebrity

Navillera is a drama that moved thousands by the story of an older adult who after his retirement wants to fulfill his childhood dream: Dance ballet. In the story, Song Kang plays Lee Chae Rok, a young ballet prodigy. The actor showed great poise and professionalism in the drama, which many believed that he had known ballet for years. How long did Song Kang study this sport?

Song Kang He has proven to be a very versatile actor in each of the stories in which he appears and one of the characters that attracted the most attention was Lee Chae Rok, a young man ballet prodigy who is a very important character Navillera. Many wondered if the actor already knew ballet before filming.

K-Drama lovers were delighted with Song Kang’s performance in Navillera. Not only because of how he taught Sim Deok Chul to dance ballet, but also because of the technique and professionalism that the actor showed in each of the scenes. Would you like to know if the actor already knew ballet before shooting this drama?

Song Kang practiced ballet for six months before filming Navillera

For Song Kang, accepting the role of a ballet dancer was a great challenge. Although as soon as Navillera came out everyone was amazed at his technique and talent, the idol confessed that he knew nothing about ballet but that he sought to prepare himself as much as possible to deliver his best performance.

Song Kang confessed that before filming started practical daily ballet during six months and that he wanted to hone his skill as well as his body shape so that his performance would be very realistic. To look elegant and graceful, she spent hours watching ballet videos to perfectly imitate the movements.

His dedication was such that by the time the drama began to be filmed, he left everyone amazed at his technique and the spectators assured that it seemed that the actor had practiced this sport throughout his life. You can watch the first scene where Song Kang is seen dancing ballet in Navillera here.

Where can I see Navillera with Spanish dubbing?

Navillera is available on the streaming platform Netflix and you can see it in its original language with subtitles in Spanish. But if you prefer to see these stories dubbed in your language, Netflix also has that option and you can see the story completely in Spanish.

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