Do HyunA and Dawn Have A Date For Their Wedding? He Talked About it 2022 #Celebrity

HyunA and Dawn: The wedding that many K-Pop fans have been waiting for for a long time is that of HyunA and Dawn, who have revolutionized the industry by going public with their relationship and have melted the hearts of thousands with their incredible chemistry. In a recent interview, Dawn decided to talk about her wedding plans with the soloist.

HyunA and Dawn They announced earlier this year that they would be getting married, showing off a pair of personalized wedding rings that completely enchanted all their followers. So far, what they most want to know is the Wedding’s date. Dawn did not hesitate to answer the questions of the fans.

One of the most beloved couples in the world of k pop is that of Dawn and HyunA, who after falling in love and going public with their relationship had to leave their company together and have shown that their love is enough to receive public acceptance.

With several years of relationship, fans can not wait to see them say ‘Yes’ at the altar. Well, it is a moment that many of the people who have followed their love story are waiting for. For that reason, Dawn He did not hesitate to talk about it in a recent interview.

HyunA and Dawn could get married next week if they wanted to, says Dawn

Dawn was recently invited to Radio Staralong with stars like Jo Kwon, and Honey J. During her interview, the MCs asked her about her wedding with HyunA and if they had already chosen a special date. So the idol was quick to respond.

For Dawn, he and HyunA could get married next week if one day they decide, ensuring that the personalities of both will make them take that important leap in a matter of days. But what, although they have not chosen a date especially, the idea of ​​getting married is always present among them, who are very clear about their emotions.

Unfortunately, there is still no exact date but it won’t be a surprise to fans if they wake up one morning to find photos from the wedding of HyunA and Dawn, who have proven to have one of the most romantic loves in the history of K-Pop. Do you think they will get married this year?

When did HyunA and Dawn get engaged?

HyunA and Dawn They announced their wedding at the beginning of february 2022 with a tender photograph of their joined hands showing their engagement rings, which had a unique style, very similar to the style that characterizes the couple. After the announcement with this tender photograph, they have not reported an exact date for the wedding. Can you imagine them married?

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