Does Suga From BTS Already Have His Friendship Tattoo With The Band? 2022 #Celebrity

Suga: We would love to see the seven friendship tattoos that the BTS boys have, but for now we already know what some of them look like. What happened to Suga’s?

Since the day of the premiere of BTS‘s last comeback, little by little the idols have published photos about their tattoo group, RM It was the first of them but gradually we were able to see most of them, sometimes with full body photos and others only of the space where they have the tattoo.

The excitement of the fans continued while the revelation of the traces that this K-Pop group carries on their skin as a symbol of friendship continued, but several weeks have passed and we still do not see the one of Suga.

That’s why ARMY has started throwing questions at other members and recently it was J-Hope who spoke about it, what did he say about the rapper of Daegu and his tattoo?

J-Hope talks about Suga and his friendship tattoo, did he reveal where he has it?

Though Hoseok He did not disclose if Suga had already gotten his tattoo or where he could have it, if he shared a very special clue that aroused the curiosity of the fans and that, in one way or another, could have confirmed that the idol has already obtained his tattoo.

During a live broadcast of V Live, fans asked the singer of More about it and he just said:

It should be Yoongi hyung who tells them about it, so…

The BTS friendship tattoo: What is it like and why is it so significant?

In case you did not know, the members of BTS made the decision to get a group tattoo as a symbol of their great friendship and all the history they have together. The K-Pop group chose the number 7 as the line that everyone would wear on their skin, but each one selected their own design and the place where they would place it.

The number 7 is because BTS is made up of seven members, who together have fought and grown to achieve their dreams.

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