Dogecoin Inventor Points To These 2 Altcoins: Learn A Lesson!

The Dogecoin creator does not fall off the agenda. DOGE inventor Billy Markus talked about the latest cryptocurrency market crash this time around. Accordingly, he said, crypto investors should learn important lessons from the recent market drop. He also pointed to two altcoin projects.

Advice to crypto investors from the founder of Dogecoin As we have previously reported, a number of events have taken place in the past days that have lowered the value of the cryptocurrency market. After that, Billy Markus, the co-founder of Dogecoin (DOGE), explained that crypto investors wondered if lessons were learned to prevent such an event from happening again. Markus is particularly concerned about the market slump that began with the collapse of TerraForm Labs’ tokens, Celsius Network and Three Arrow Capital. The DOGE founder made his criticism frankly. He said:

“Let’s say we assumed we had a new bull run after this crypto winter. If that happens, will we all collectively learn from the failures of Celsius, Luna and 3ac?”

Markus emphasized to learn from the sad developments that have taken place in the past few weeks. He also urged members of the cryptocurrency community to listen to and respect experienced players rather than investing in risky altcoin projects. He explained the reason for this as risky and rising cryptos generally attract short-term investors. “We shouldn’t force people to be quiet because it helps short-term bags,” Markus said. Instead, we really need to listen to people raising systemic risks,” he added. Markus acknowledged that it is impossible to expect everyone in the cryptocurrency space to learn from the events of the past weeks. But he added his confidence that some will learn vital lessons that will help them be mindful in the future.

DOGE inventor: “Learn from these two altcoin projects”

Markus has been known for always raising his voice when it comes to events in the cryptocurrency industry. The co-creator of Dogecoin criticized Terra and Celsius for causing the crypto market crash. Blaming two altcoin projects for the collapse, Markus said:

“How many stupid projects are there in the crypto space ready to crash the entire market like LUNA and Celsius?” As we’ve reported, Terra didn’t just finish LUNA. It also suffered a devastating crash that devalued the entire crypto market. Now, the cryptocurrency market is trying to recover from the devastating blow it took from the collapse of the Terra tokens. But just as the wounds healed, Celsius and the Three Arrow Capital began to experience similar events to Terra.

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