Doyoung Worries in New Teaser 2022 #Celebrity

The new drama of TVING in which Doyoung of NCT 127 will appear premiered a new teaser in which it is appreciated more what the friendship between the protagonist and her best friend will be like. To The X Who Doesn’t Love Me will be a drama with a funny story about a mysterious diary that makes anyone fall in love with you for a month.

To The X Who Doesn’t Love Me is a new drama from TVING, a fantasy romance story in which a mysterious book helps the female lead make anyone fall in love with her for a month. Their new preview shows his best friend very worried about this notebook.

Fans can’t wait to see NCT’s Doyoung’s new drama. With a very interesting story and trailers that promise a story full of romance and drama, you already want to see the first episode of To The X Who Doesn’t Love Me.

Another teaser was revealed for the drama, in which the friendly relationship between NCT’s character Doyoung and the protagonist appears more. What could be seen in the new preview of the series?

New To The X Who Doesn’t Love Me Teaser Shows Doyoung And Han Ji Hyo’s Friendship

TVING released a new teaser for To The X Who Doesn’t Love Mea fantasy romance story in which a mysterious book makes anyone fall in love with the owner of the book for a month.

In the new teaser, the character played by NCT’s Doyoung can be seen worried about her friend, who is the owner of the mysterious book. Although the two are seen to have a very close relationship, Doyoung is often cold towards the female lead. But that doesn’t stop him from showing concern for her all the time.

While Han Ji Hyo, the protagonist, constantly talks about how no one falls in love with her, for that reason, when the book comes into her hands, she does not hesitate to use it to make the most attractive boys in school fall in love with her.

When Doyoung asks her how long she plans to keep using that notebook, she mentions that it doesn’t matter, it’s only for a month anyway.

When does To The X Who Doesn’t Love Me premiere?

To The X Who Doesn’t Love opens on July 14 via TVING. So far it has not been revealed if any streaming platform will have this drama in its catalog. Would you like to see this series on any famous platform? This drama will be Doyoung and Han Ji Hyo’s lead debut, a story you don’t want to miss.

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