Drama Songs Performed by K-Pop Idols

Both K-Pop and K-Dramas have their own charms, but they have managed to win over international audiences due to their more attractive elements, although we love both entertainment industries individually, when they come together the result is amazing.

This union can exist in many ways and one of the most common is when an idol debuts as an actor, either with small roles or even leading roles. Yet another connection occurs through the OST.

Every drama has songs that accompany the adventures and experiences of the characters, there are balladeers, rappers and more artists that are part of the soundtracks, but the idols also join this type of activities.

That is why today we are going to tell you about several male K-Pop singers who have enlisted songs for drama OSTs and have left their mark on this facet of their careers.

Songs of idol groups and soloists that are part of K-Drama OSTs

The song is part of the OST of Boys Over Flowers and every Korean drama fan could identify the upbeat tune as soon as it starts. Taehyung from bts She has a voice that is perfectly suited to emotional drama songs, so this track captivated everyone after her appearance on Our Beloved Summer.

The EXO member has sung a couple of OSTs for dramas, but this is without a doubt the most successful, hence the music clip of his song with Punch continues adding reproductions and reaching high numbers.

Another member of EXO that moves us with his voice every time he sings within a soundtrack is Chen, Best Luck was part of the history of It’s Okay, That’s Love.

Thai rapper from GOT7 premiered his first drama OST recently and he did it in A Business Proposal. This time it is a song full of joy that will make you dance and believe in love.

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