Dramas That Portray The Difficulties of Being An Adult 2022 #Celebrity

Dramas: Growing up, graduating, getting a job, family, friends, and romance all change drastically when you become an adult. For this reason, if you like stories of people with ready-made lives facing different situations that only adult responsibilities bring with them, these stories are for you.

there are many Dramas that portray different stages of growing up and how life can change when we are Adults. If you are interested in stories with actors who are not adolescents and deal with topics more in line with the 30 yearsYou will love these stories.

My Liberation Notes, Our Blues, Moms Club and Oh My Baby are stories of different genres that will make you have a good time while you watch each of their chapters and discover how the protagonists face the day to day of their adult lives.

From problems to be a mother, to past loves and frustrations about what you have done in your life. These doramas will give you different teachings and you will not be able to stop watching them from the first chapter.

Dramas about life after thirty years that will catch you

Also known as My Liberation Notes, this story is about three brothers who are dissatisfied with what they have achieved in their lives. But that his life changes when a mysterious man appears in the life where they live. Although this man hides a mysterious secret, he helps the brothers see their lives in a different way.

In the case of Our Blues, this series is the compilation of many stories from various Jeju people who are known from different stages of their lives. Each one behaves differently and keeps secrets that the others do not know, but at the end of the day they show that there are many ways to love.

Being a mother can be very exhausting and these women who come together because their children attend the same schools end up discovering that they have more in common than they imagine. Beginning to form a type of friendship and rivalry, as each struggles with their own internal conflicts.

In this drama, the protagonist always wanted to be a mother, but because she focused on her career, she did not find the ideal man. Now that she has a disease in her uterus, she starts a race against the clock to find the ideal man to be the father of her child among the men she knows in her life. A fun romantic comedy that will move you on several occasions.

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