Elon Musk Reaches Over 100 Million Twitter Followers

Elon Musk: If He Can’t Close The Twitter Purchase, Billionaire Elon Musk Can At Least Satisfy His Narcissism by joining the select club of personalities with more than 100 million followers on the platform. The feat took place this week, between the 26th and 27th, after the Tesla owner gained 150,000 new followers, according to the media management platform. Social Blade.

When compared to the other CEOs of large companies, Musk is a case apart. Mark Zuckerberg of Meta, for example, has a Facebook page, which looks more like a virtual press room, while Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram, only deals with amenities on his official page.

the reporter from The Verge Elizabeth Lopatto defined Elon Musk last month as a poster par excellence. “Annoying, obnoxious, late to memes – but definitely a poster. He uses Twitter as intended: as a hotline to his id. Does he plan on keeping up with any of the things he tweets? Not often. And that’s what makes him so fun “.

Who are Musk’s colleagues in the “club” of the 100 million Twitter followers?

If your posts aren’t similar to those of other CEOs, your tweets are definitely totally different from your five peers with over 100 million followers. Barack Obama posts like he’s still in the presidency. Rihanna, Katy Perry and Cristiano Ronaldo have a team that posts for them, while Justin Bieber, although he personally posts his posts, hasn’t posted since February 16th.

Curiously, Elon Musk hasn’t tweeted since June 21.

So many discrepancies could lead to some provocations worthy of appearing on Elon’s Twitter: of the 100,321,848 followers right now, how many accounts are real and how many are fake? By accusing Twitter of keeping spam bots, the billionaire is really worried about it, or just using these little programs as a pretext to lower the price of the social network?

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