ENHYPEN is Getting Ready For Their Comeback, When is Their New Album Released?

ENHYPEN: Since before their debut, the members of ENHYPEN managed to conquer the public with their talent, now everything indicates that these idols are preparing the necessary details to return with more music and here we have the details.

The group that was integrated with the winners of I-LAND He continues to make his mark on the K-Pop industry and hasn’t stopped surprising with his style in every musical era, so it’s no surprise that more and more fans are joining his fandom.

It looks like the guys from ENHYPEN are in the middle of preparing to have a new come back and as soon as the suspicions reached the Korean media, fans showed their excitement.

It was recently announced that the agenda of this group is already being organized so that the idols present their next release, but what is known about the return of ENHYPEN?

ENHYPEN would release more music this summer and there is already a probable date

Reports indicate that the grouping of k pop would be one of those who will make their way into the July comeback list, however, although many fans point out that it will be a new album It has not yet been confirmed what kind of launch they would be planning.

It looks like ENHYPEN will be making a comeback during the first days of the seventh month of 2022, and although due to anticipation there is no official announcement yet, expectations are rising.

What was ENHYPEN’s last comeback so far?

It was just at the beginning of the year that these artists released their most recent Korean album, ENHYPEN released Dimension: Answer with a total of 8 songs where we find tracks like Tamed-Dashed, Blockbuster, Upper Side Dreaming and more.

However, after that the idols also released a Japanese single album, have you kept abreast of the group’s news?

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