Eternal Monarch? Drama Ending Explained 2022 #Celebrity

Lee Min Ho and Kim Go Eun caught us with the story of The King: Eternal Monarch, did you perfectly understand the ending of this Korean drama? Today we will solve the doubts that there are about the closure of the story.

Let’s start by remembering the main plot, The King: Eternal Monarch tells the story of a king named lee gonwho assumed the throne at a young age after his uncle killed his father and stole half of a flute known as Manpasikjeok, an item that gives them the ability to travel from one dimension to another.

In the drama, lee gon is in the Kingdom of Korea, but one day he inadvertently travels to the Republic of Korea, where he meets a girl named Tae Eul and recognizes her as the person who saved him when his uncle attacked the kingdom, now they both try to stop this villain who has not stopped doing his thing.

What happened in the last episode and how does it end The King: Eternal Monarch? Let’s remember the end of the drama of Lee Min Ho and Kim Go Eun while we clarify some of the doubts left by the plot.

What happens at the end of The King: Eternal Monarch? All about the last episode

The king discovers that the one who really saved him when he was a child was himself but from a different time, so as a last attempt to stop lee rim decides to travel to the night his father died. Jo Young He accompanies him and together they break into the palace at the exact moment to save the child version of Lee Gon, but also to capture the villain.

But that time travel It will have several consequences and one of them is that the protagonist will not be able to return to the present easily and therefore has to move between different times to meet Ta Eul again.

He meets the girl visiting her at different times in her life until they can finally reunite and get back together. Since then, they continue in a beautiful relationship, but since they both have their own activities in their respective dimensions, we see them get together on weekends and explore places or times using what they have learned about time travel.

Does Tae Eul become the queen of Korea in The King: Eternal Monarch?

Although in one of the scenes where Lee Min Ho rescues Kim Go Eun the character of the actor indicates that the girl will become the queen of Korea, in the drama we never see the wedding of this couple, so that is a matter that was left pending and free for the imagination of the fans.

Did you like the final of The King: Eternal Monarch? tell us what you think about this kdrama of love and fantasy that caught the attention of many international fans.

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