Eunhyuk’s Father Passes Away and The Group Postpones Their Tour 2022 #Celebrity

Eunhyuk: Label SJ shared messages with fans about the passing of Eunhyuk’s father, but soon after they also announced Super Junior’s tour plans with Super Show 9.

After the premiere of his MV for the song Mango, the K-Pop group greeted their fans during concerts that made vibrate ELFfirst it was in South Korea and then Super Junior continued to visit other cities in Asian countries.

However, a recent statement from Label SJ could pause to that great happiness and released a sad news. The message noted that the father of Eun-hyuk had died, so idol it would not be part of the concert in Manila.

The company stated that at the request of the family, the funeral would be held privately, so Super Junior fans were asked not to send flowers or attend in person. As for the concerts, the final decision was revealed shortly after, what will happen to the tour?

Super Junior suspends their world tour, what will happen to the Super Show 9 concerts?

Label SJ announced that after talking with the promoters of the concert in Manila and the members of the group, they decided that it would be best to postpone the show, as it would be difficult to carry it out as originally planned.

Details about the new date for the concert are yet to be released, but it was announced that the members of Super Junior who traveled to Manila would greet fans who had bought tickets for the show. So even though the concert was not going to take place, fans were invited to come to the venue to briefly meet the idols.

Super Junior fans support Label SJ’s decision to postpone their concert

Even before the announcement, many fans took to social media suggesting that Super Junior’s concerts be temporarily halted so that the group members could support Eunhyuk through this difficult time.

When the announcement was published, the support of the fans reappeared, sending condolences to the idol’s family and noting that they would wait patiently to see the group again on stage.

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