EXO: Brothers of Each Member of The Group, Know Their Family 2022 #Celebrity

EXO: Many fans know EXO’s relatives, although on some occasions the members are more open and talk about them, not much is known about other brothers because they sought to have a more private life and away from the artistic medium. However, EXO-L knows the name of several of them.

Each of the members of EXO Except for Lay, he has siblings. Although most have only one brother or sister, some are very popular with fans and others not much is known about. They are their brothers.

EXO-L knows several of EXO’s brothers, either because they are very active on social media and hang out with their families a lot, or because they are also celebrities. If you don’t know the family of the group members yet, this information will help you.

Currently most of the EXO members are fulfilling their solo schedule. Within a few months, Chanyeol is expected to finish his military service and be able to rejoin the group’s activities. Meanwhile, Chen has released a new OST and DO is currently filming a new drama.

EXO members have a good relationship with their brothers, who are they?

The EXO leader has a brother who is four years older than him, his name is Kim Dongkyu and although not much is known about him, with the few photographs that have been revealed it is known that he is very attractive, despite not looking so much alike. to Suho.

In Xiumin’s case, the idol has a younger sister. However, she has kept her identity and age private, as she promised her mother that they would keep her identity hidden from her to protect her. Many fans are still curious as to how old her sister is and if she knows the other members.

Lay is the only member of EXO without siblings, since at the time he was born, the law of only having one child per family was still in force in China. For that reason, he never had any brothers or sisters. Likewise, he has always mentioned that he sees EXO as his true brothers.

Baekhyun has an older brother named Byun Baekbeom. His brother is very active on social media and often shares many photos of him living with his brother.

Chen is another one of the members who has an older brother. His name is Kim Jongdeok and when his brother got married Chen was in charge of singing at his wedding. You can see the video here.

One of EXO’s most famous relatives is Chanyeol’s sister. Park Yoora is three years older than him and is an anchor on a popular news channel. He has even given news about EXO members on a couple of occasions.

DO is one of the members with a more reserved private life. Like him, his older brother also stays away from networks and the media. It is only known that he is older than him and his name is Do Seungsoo.

Kai is the only member who has two sisters, one is older than him by nine years and his name is kept private. While his other sister is 5 years older than Kai and her name is Kim Jungah.

Lastly, Sehun besides being the maknae in his group is also the maknae in his house. Although it is known that he has an older brother, there is not much information about him since he stays away from the artistic medium. Did you know his brothers?

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