EXO’s Chanyeol Reminded EXO-L on Stage of Meissa’s Song 2022 #Celebrity

As part of his military service, Chanyeol is currently hosting the army musical Meissa’s Song. In one of his most recent performances, the idol remembered EXO-L’s anniversary and decided to send him a congratulatory message with signs. Causing much joy among his fans.

Chanyeol of EXO is in the army and as part of his service he is in the musical Meissa0s Song. In one of his last performances, the idol showed his love for EXO L sending a special message for his followers.

Several months have passed since chanyeol walked away from Korean industry to perform his mandatory military service. Despite the few updates of the idol in recent months, the rapper from EXO He didn’t forget EXO-L’s anniversary and sent a message to his fans.

In a few weeks the idol will completely finish his military service and will be able to rejoin EXO’s activities, so many fans hope that the idol will be able to participate in the group’s comeback.

EXO’s Chanyeol sent a sign message for EXO-L in their musical

At one of the recent functions of Meissa’s Song, EXO’s Chanyeol did not miss the opportunity to address his fans, who recently celebrated the anniversary of the fandom’s name.

At the end of the function and on stage, Chanyeol started to do address with their hands referring to their fans, including the L for EXO-L, the number 8 for their eighth anniversary of the fandom name, and a heart. To end with a military salute for continuing to be active in the army.

As soon as the video was leaked on the networks, fans shared excited for the message that Chanyeol sent to them during their anniversary, fully appreciating that even though he is in the military, he remembers his fans on such a special date.

When does EXO’s Chanyeol finish his military service?

EXO’s Chanyeol is expected to finish his military service at the end of September. The approximate date for the return of the idol is September 28. Fans are counting down the days to the end of his service, which will be here in a few weeks. Do you already want Chanyeol to meet EXO?

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