EXO’s Chen To Release New OST For Doctor Lawyer Drama

EXO: Great news for Chen fans! The idol will soon return with new music after completing his mandatory military service. On this occasion, it will not only be a cover, but will also participate in the OST of the new drama Doctor Lawyer.

Chen of EXO will return to the world of OST with a song for Dr Lawyera drama about a doctor who decides to change his profession to a medical malpractice lawyer to stop all the people who abuse their power and do not provide equal medical service.

Chen’s return with new music is great news for fans. After her abrupt enlistment after announcing her wedding, some fans demanded Chen’s departure from the group. Concern for fans who supported the idol’s relationship and her right to have a private life and be happy.

For this reason, the fact that Chen begins to return to the media has caused great happiness among the fandom that accepted their relationship and wish to hear the voice of the idol once again. What is known about her new OST?

Chen will sing a new OST and the first preview appeared on a radio show

A few hours ago it was confirmed that EXO’s Chen will participate in the OST by Doctor Lawyer, with a moving song that will mark an important moment in the plot of the story. Causing great expectations among his followers.

The song will be called ‘A strange day’ and a fragment of it could be heard at the end of a radio program in which the cast of Dr Lawyer to promote the series. Similarly, the producer reported that the song will officially be released next month.

So far, SM Entertainment has not released any statement regarding Chen’s new song. However, it is expected that in the days to make the official announcement of the song. You can listen to the snippet here:

When does Chen and Doctor Lawyer’s new OST premiere?

Doctor Lawyer premiered this June 3, however, the official release of Chen’s ‘A Strange Day’ will be until 1st of July. So fans will have to wait approximately 8 chapters to hear the song in a moving scene. Are you going to see this drama?

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