EXO’s Kai Won A Major Award at Blue Dragon Series Awards 2022 #Celebrity

EXO’s Kai: A few days ago, the first edition of the Blue Dragon Series awards was held, where different Korean entertainment artists were awarded for their participation in variety shows. In this edition, EXO’s Kai won one of the most important categories of the night: Best Rookie Male Host Award.

Kai of EXO got a new reward in the Blue Dragon Series Awards, this for his participation in the variety show New World, completely drawing the attention of the viewers. That was how she received the award from her.

Each of the EXO members has proven to be talented in all kinds of areas, from singing, dancing, songwriting, to acting. And not only that, they also have a great charisma when they are invited to variety shows. Kai demonstrated his talent by winning a new reward for that reason.

A few months ago Kai released his song Peaches and was promoting while singing at different concerts. In addition to that, she participated in the Netflix show New World, alongside actor Lee Seung Gi and Super Junior’s Kim Hee Chul, among others.

Kai took home the award for Best Rookie Entertainment Host

A few days ago Kai from EXO got the reward in the category ‘Best Rookie Male Entertainer‘ of the awards Blue Dragon Serieswhere his participation in the Netflix variety show New World was praised.

during his acceptance speechthe idol and actor mentioned that he felt very honored and excited for that award. He also added that he thanked all the New World staff, dancers, EXO members and their fans: EXO-L.

EXO’s Kai stood out in his participation in the variety show NewWorld earning him the award for Best Male Rookie Variety Show Entertainer.

SM Says Kai’s Award Shows His Rise In Variety Shows

On the other hand, EXO Kai’s agency, SM-Entertainment He assured that the award that the idol received shows his hard work and that it only marks the ascent of Kai in his career as a participant of programs. Proving that not only does the Peaches interpreter stand out in singing and dancing, he also has great charisma on the shows.

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