EXO’s Suho Strolled Through London After Performing at MIK Festival 2022 #Celebrity

EXO members have had a very busy schedule performing solo in different countries. The idols have been a part of different K-Pop festivals, meeting EXO-L from all over the world. However, they do not waste their trips, like Suho, who was recently in London and enjoyed the city.

Suho of EXO spent the last few days in London, where he had a performance at the MIK music festival. After his presentation, the idol took the opportunity to treat himself to a mini vacation and take a walk by the city.

The members of EXO continue to work tirelessly, appearing at different music festivals in Europe where they thrill fans with their performances. On this occasion, it was Suho who, after having a concert, gave himself some small holidays in London.

EXO’s Suho visited various places in London during his stay

Through his Instagram account, EXO’s Suho shared snippets of his visit to London. Sharing with EXO-L the tourist attractions that he visited during his stay in said city.

In one of his photos, the idol shared that he visited a museum with an exhibition of Vincent Van Gogh and did not hesitate to take a picture next to one of the self-portraits of the famous painter of impressionism. Without a doubt, the idol enjoyed one of Van Gogh’s most popular paintings.

The same way, Suho It didn’t take long to recreate one of the most iconic scenes in music, the cover of one of the albums by the Beatles. On his Instagram story, Suho shared a photo with the staff of him walking down Abbey Road.

On the other hand, two lucky fans had the chance to meet Suho in the Buckingham Palace, while the idol knew this iconic place that is part of the crown of England. Suho did not hesitate to take a photo with his followers and they shared them on networks. Can you imagine meeting your idol in another country?

Suho returned to South Korea after spending several days in London.

On the other hand, a few hours ago EXO’s Suho was seen at the London airport. After several days in the capital of England, the idol is ready to return to South Korea and continue with his corresponding activities. Many were surprised to see how youthful and relaxed the idol looked at the airport, taking the opportunity to greet several of the fans who had gathered to see him off.

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