Extraordinary Attorney Woo Has A Deleted Scene That You Will Love 2022 #celebrity

Extraordinary Attorney Woo: The romance continues to rise within the story of Extraordinary Attorney Woo, a scene involving the main couple was cut from the K-Drama but has nevertheless been made public and shows us more of the connection between Woo Young Woo and Lee Jun Ho.

If you’re watching Extraordinary Attorney Woo, you’ve probably already been won over by the personality of its main characters. From the beginning of the drama we saw Lee Junho taking an interest in Woo Young Woo and trying to get closer to her in many ways.

One of them occurred when the character of kang tae oh He bought the lawyer a gift, but we were surprised to hear this girl say that she had thrown the box in the trash because she didn’t know whose it was.

In the drama, Lee Jun Ho left the box with the gift inside on the character’s desk Park Eun-bindidn’t add a note or hint about it, so he was a little disappointed when he realized that things hadn’t turned out the way he expected, only that’s not the whole truth.

Woo Young Woo didn’t throw away Lee Jun Ho’s gift in episode 5

A deleted scene from the drama Extraordinary Attorney Woo reveals that the gift came into the hands of the lawyer and she was able to see what was inside the box. In this recently released shot, Park Eun Bin uncovers the gift and comes across a sphere-shaped figure.

Lawyer Woo takes this object in her hands while trying to discover what it is and it is then that the light turns on, projecting the waves of the sea on the ceiling.

Why was the gift scene cut in Extraordinary Attorney Woo?

Although no particular reason has been disclosed on the part of the production, fans of the kdrama they have several theories that would explain the reason for removing the moment when Woo Young Woo finds Jun Ho’s gift.

One is that this beautiful scene would very quickly raise the expectations of the romance between them, but instead, it was chosen to show a gradual evolution of the connection that develops between them. And you, why do you think this shot was left out of the K-Drama?

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