Extraordinary Attorney Woo is Getting A Webtoon With New Scenes 2022 #Celebrity

Extraordinary Attorney Woo is one of the most popular Korean dramas at the moment. Park Eun Bin’s performance has stood out as she plays a lawyer on the autism spectrum who faces different labor and social issues in a law firm, from questioning her morals in complicated cases, to falling in love with her. Such is her popularity that the drama will now have its own webtoon.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo It will be a webtoonthis was recently announced when the first chapter was released on the virtual comics platform of ship. This news made Woo Young Woo’s fans very excited, and they can’t wait to read this story.

K-Drama lovers know that many stories were first born in a webtoon. However, they can’t help but feel excited at the idea of ​​Extraordinary Attorney Woo getting his own webcomic, even more so after learning that he will feature scenes that don’t appear in the drama. What is known so far about this webtoon?

Extraordinary Attorney Woo It is currently on air and chapter number 10 was recently revealed. On the other hand, on Netflix it can be seen in different regions of the world until chapter 6, two chapters are uploaded every Wednesday.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo’s webtoon will include scenes not in the drama

The popular series Extraordinary Attorney Woo is getting his own comic on the web. This was recently announced when the Naver Webtoon platform shared the first chapter of this iconic story.

The webtoon of Extraordinary Attorney Woo will have a total of 60 chapters and will be published every Thursday. This comic will be written by Yoo Il, the writer of the series. In addition to that, he will have the help of artist and illustrator Hwa Eum Joo.

In addition to that, it was reported that the webtoon will have new scenes that were eliminated from the drama, so fans who decide to read this new story will get a pleasant taste in their mouths with moments never seen before.

Where can I read the Extraordinary Attorney Woo webtoon?

This webtoon can be read through the application of naver webtoon and will be translated into English, Japanese and Chinese. Although the first chapter in Korean has already been shared on the application, it is unknown when it will begin to be translated. The chapters will be released every Thursday. Are you excited to read this comic story with the new scenes?

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