Extraordinary Attorney Woo Would Have An American Remake 2022 #Celebrity

One of the dramas that is currently on air and since the first chapter has captured the attention of K-Drama lovers is Extraordinary Attorney Woo, the story of a lawyer with an autistic spectrum who solves all kinds of cases with her peculiar way of See life. With no more than six episodes broadcast, the success of the drama has caused foreign production companies to be interested in creating a remake of the series, including the United States.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo is a drama that follows the story of Woo Young Woo, a lawyer on the autism spectrum who shows that she loves the law and will give her all to help people get justice in their cases. Their popularity is so big that several countries want to do remakes of the series.

If you are one of those drama lovers who follow the series that have just been released, surely you are already watching and you were completely enchanted with Extraordinary Attorney Woo. This drama has been a complete success and has already begun to receive offers to do remakes in other countries.

South Korea currently has one of the strongest markets for dramas and many countries want to replicate the content created in that country, and Extraordinary Attorney Woo was no exception.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo could have an American remake

JTBCNews competed with the followers of Extraordinary Attorney Woo that the series has received several offers to create remakes from other countries. Among them, one of the strongest offers is from the United States.

At present, more and more visibility is being sought for minorities that are neurodivergent and one of the ways of the media to show these groups is through series. For this reason, Extraordinary Attorney Woo has achieved great popularity and USA want to make your own remake of the series.

It is not the first time that the United States has made a remake of this theme, since the popular ABC series The Good Doctor is a remake of the Korean drama of the same name. And the reception of The Good Doctor was so great that they plan to repeat the formula with Extraordinary Attorney Woo.

So far the offer has not been accepted but JTBC is looking forward to the idea of ​​a remake for Extraordinary Attorney Woo. Although it is still on the air and has not reached its end. Who would be your dream cast for a western version?

Where can I watch Extraordinary Attorney Woo with Spanish subtitles?

The drama Extraordinary Attorney Woo has just released its first two chapters in Netflix, in the Latin American region and you will be uploading two episodes every Wednesday. Without a doubt, it is a drama that makes you fall in love from the first 10 minutes of transmission and that shows you a little about the life of people who suffer from an autism spectrum disorder. Will you follow this drama?

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