Face The Sun Sells 2 Million Albums on Hanteo

SEVENTEEN’s Face the Sun continues to break records a week after its official release. On this occasion, with more than two million copies sold, the thirteen-member group managed to join a short list of artists who have achieved this figure on Hanteo.

SEVENTEEN keep tearing up the sales of face the sun. Just a week after its launch, the group has once again broken its own record and achieved a great achievement in the history of hanteo.

SEVENTEEN fans are still excited about the group’s great achievement. Who little by little has proven to be one of the public’s favorites and his fanbase has led him to achieve unparalleled records.

With their new album Face the Sun, SEVENTEEN came back with a total of nine songs. His main single HOT fascinated each of his followers and became a trend. What was the achievement you got with your sales number.

SEVENTEEN is the second group to manage to sell 2 million copies in their first week.

SEVENTEEN’s Face the Sun has surpassed 2 million copies sold in its first week of release, according to official data from Hanteo. And he has achieved what only a Korean group had previously achieved.

SEVENTEEN became the second K-Pop group to sell two million copies in its first week in Hanteo history. The only group that had previously achieved it is BTS, so now SEVENTEEN and BTS they are the only K-Pop groups to manage to sell 2 million copies of their album in the first week of sales.

This is a great achievement for the 13-member group. Well, the sales of their album show the great amount of their fandom and how much they have advanced in their music. Since the album is mostly written and produced by the SEVENTEEN members themselves. Congratulations Carat1

What other achievement has SEVENTEEN’s Face the Sun achieved?

Similarly, SEVENTEEN exceeded one million copies sold on its first day of sales. Which made Face the Sun become the fourth best-selling first-day album in Hanteo history, second only to three BTS albums. Without a doubt, SEVENTEEN is a giant in sales. Have you heard HOT yet?

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