Fans Give Lisa A Mexican Flag As A Gift 2022 #Celebrity

Lisa: The BLACKPINK member is ready for Celine’s event at Paris Fashion Week, but before she managed to meet several fans, some BLINKs from Mexico let her know how much they admire her.

Very soon we will see Lisa back at large-scale fashion events, the idol is one of the guests at Celine’s parade at the Paris Fashion Week And she’s more than ready for the show. We have already told you about his private jet trip with V and Park Bo Gum but now we get to the encounters of this girl with BLINK in Europe.

As soon as it was revealed that the singer and rapper from BLACKPINK landed on Paris many fans have tried to see her and although some have succeeded, the lucky ones were even able to interact a little with the K-Pop idol.

We tell you about the meeting of Lisa and BLINK, as well as the gifts he received where Mexican fans showed him their support and affection.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa met fans and handed out autographs in Paris, France

Although in each of her outings Lisa greets BLINK from a distance, on one occasion the idol was not in too much of a hurry and chose to stop for a moment with them, managing to sign some autographs and even receive gifts.

The Thai member of BLACKPINK took what she could in her hands, thanking her fans and giving them smiles that showed her great charm and charisma. AWW!

Lisa received a flag from Mexico that bears the great love of her fans

Among the many gifts that Lisa received, one of them was a Mexican flag where fans called her “the perfect idol” and let her know the love that this country has for her.

This is not the first time that Mexico has been present in the gifts of the BLACKPINK girls, because on special occasions the fans have organized to send them different gifts.

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