For Hyunjin, Spider-Man and Iron Man Are Not Fictional 2022 #Celebrity

Hyunjin is one of the Stray Kids members with the funniest personality and the way he reacts when he talks about what he likes is always touching and amusing to STAY. Especially when he talks about his favorite superheroes. For that reason, they couldn’t stop laughing at seeing him outraged when Spider-Man and Iron Man were called fictional characters.

Hyunjin from Stray Kids touched STAY for their reaction when talking about his Superheros favorites and how for him, they they are not fiction, provoking the laughter of his companions and his fans. Especially because of his face indignation.

It is not a secret for the fans that Hyunjin He loves the Marvel Universe, especially Iron Man and Spider-Man. For that moment, for him these characters are more than real and he will completely oppose anyone who tells him otherwise.

For this reason, in an interview in which he was asked which fictional characters he would like to eat with, he was completely angry when his colleagues dared to insinuate that Spider-Man and Iron Man were fictional characters and he proved it.

Stray Kids’ Hyunjin assured that Spider-Man and Iron Man are not fiction

During a recent program in which he was invited Stray Kids Hyunjin couldn’t hide his love for Spider-Man and Iron Man, thoroughly amused his fans by his outraged reaction when talking about them.

The group members were asked on the show which fictional characters they would like to have dinner with. When it was Hyunjin’s turn to reply, he was a bit thoughtful. stray kids wanted to help him by saying some of his favorite characters, but when they mentioned spider-man Y Hombre de Hierro Hyunjin was outraged assuring that they were not fictional characters.

In addition to that, the idol assured that Hombre de Hierro it is very real in his heart and he pointed it out, causing his companions to laugh at his amused reaction.

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