FOREVER 1 Songs That Are Gems 2022 #Celebrity

FOREVER 1: After five years of waiting, Girls’ Generation came back with a new album called FOREVER 1, although its title track bears the album title, several of the b-sides on the album are perfect songs that you’ll love listening to and will start listening to later. loop. Which are the best?

Girls’ Generation also known as SNSD or the Nation Group, returned after a five-year hiatus with their new album. FOREVER 1 which had a total of 10 songsof which many are all jewels.

If you are a fan of K-Pop, surely the return of SNSD was one of the most anticipated for you, especially if you started listening to this musical genre at the time of the second generation. For many, this is one of the most legendary girl groups and their new music is phenomenal.

Girls’ Generation songs on FOREVER 1 that should be on your playlist

In this song, Girls’ Generation has a rough and powerful style, typical of girl boss. Although the title is ‘villana’, this song will completely empower you with its rhythm. Without a doubt, a perfect song if you like the rough style.

This song is a polar opposite of the previous one. closer It has a sweet and pleasant melody that is perfect to enjoy the whole day and imagine your life as in a drama where everything is going perfectly. A very romantic and happy song.

paper plane is the last song from FOREVER 1. The perfect closing for their long-awaited album with a song full of hope and lyrics that will inspire you to fly higher, a melody to completely lift your spirits.

Mood Lamp is a romantic ballad with a calm rhythm perfect for winding down after a long day. A song that contrasts with the rough and lively style of the other songs but that is perfect with the voices of the members.

Finally, summer-night It is the perfect song to enjoy, as its title says, on a summer night. A fun and romantic song that talks about how beautiful love is when it starts and how bubbly it can be. Which of all was your favorite song on the album?

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