Fortnite: All The News Of The New Update 21.00 Of June 14

Fortnite: What would become of us and our Tuesdays without the updates that arrive this day of the week in Fortnite? Life would be a bit sadder in a universe where battle royale didn’t receive new content on a regular basis, but luckily we don’t live in it; we live in one in which the new update 21.00 of June 14 has already been released and in which Epic Games has already revealed all the details we need to know about it. Next, I leave you with all the details:

All the changes and new content of today’s Fortnite patch


New weapon for the game: Hook Glove
We can obtain them in the hook glove tool boxes in various locations throughout the island.
Its operation is very similar to that of the Spider-Man web launchers from season 1

Weapon Stat Changes

Increased pellet damage, minimum pellet counter, accuracy, and maximum damage limit of the 2-shot shotgun
Hammer Assault Rifle recoil reduced
Combat SMG damage has been reduced
Increased the recoil of the first bullet of the Ram Rifle (Burst Assault)
Ram Rifle (Burst Assault) damage reduced

What do these changes look like? Between this and the collaborations that have been leaking for days for Fortnite, the truth is that this Season 3 promises a lot, if you ask me.

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