Free Historical Dramas on Viki, Series That You Can Watch 2022 #Celebrity

Dramas: To learn about Asian culture, historical dramas are the best and there are dozens with all kinds of different themes and stories, in which they show you an important part of Asia’s past along with a striking plot. If you want to binge-watch any of these dramas, these are your best options available on Viki.

River Where the Moon Rises, Under the Power and Queen Insoo are three dramas that perfectly portray ancient life in South Korea and China, where emperors still reigned and laws were imposed by the ‘chosen’ of the gods.

If you like this type of doramas, they are doramas that you will not want to miss and that have many chapters, from 20 to 60 episodes. Without perfect stories to immerse yourself in a good season. so take

Chinese and South Korean Historical Dramas Available on Viki

  • River Where the Moon Rise

This story is about Pyeong Gang, a young princess who has been raised as a warrior and who will seek to compete against men and women to prove her true worth. But everything changes when she meets a young pacifist who sees her life completely differently from her and who will make her question many aspects of her life and her path to her throne. With Kim So Hyun and Na In Woo. (Ji Soo previously played the role.)

This story takes place in the Ming dynasty period, where a female officer is forced to work as an imperial court guard investigating a case. A story of enemies to lovers in which at the beginning they don’t get along but together they begin to understand each other and end up developing feelings for each other. A Chinese drama with the appearance of Ren Jia Lun and Tan Song Yun.

This drama is entirely about the life of Queen Insoo. It begins in the fifth generation of King Moon Jong and ends in the tenth generation of King San Yeon. With more than 60 chapters, it is a story that portrays the imperial life of women in the Joseon era, full of intrigue, drama, and strong women in a world dominated by men.

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