From Dutch Collab, Patagonia’s Vision and Movie Nostalgia: Fashion News 2022 #celebrity

From Dutch Collab, Patagonia’s Vision and Movie Nostalgia: Fashion News 2022 #celebrity

Anne Hathaway‘s nostalgia, Patagonia’s future and collabs on distant planets shape the fashion news of the week

This fashion week, a 2000s brand and artist duo travel to distant planets while Anne Hathaway takes to the time machine. Patagonia and Etro, on the other hand, look to the future. You can find the full fashion timeline in our news of the week!


Escape from the World: Von Dutch x Kafa & Efendi

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to live on a planet stuck stylistically in the 2000s? Admittedly, it could still be our planet Earth at the moment. For everyone who wants to stick to Y2K aesthetics in the future the 2000 fire From Dutch Originals and the artist and music duo YKKE (Yung Kafa and Kücük Efendi) have now created the right world. Brand and duo team up for a first national Von Dutch capsule collection. YKKEwho grew up themselves in the 2000s and known for their illustrated videos have created designs for a total of nine VDO pieces. This includes a hoodie, three shirts, an oversized track jacket and track pants made of cotton terry cloth, a beanie and of course the classic Von Dutch trucker cap. are on each part illustrated characters to be found, which in turn teases the second part of the collection: an exclusive mini-animated series that you can watch here. Within three short episodes, YKKE and Von Dutch tell the story stories of young people, whose life feels like a dead end. Appropriately, the series or collab also bears the title “Escape from World”. It’s about escaping social constraints, searching for one’s own identity and living out hidden desires and longings in true escapism. Kafa and Efendi themselves also make an appearance in the last episode. Will there be a travel ticket to this eternal 2000s planet as the next collab? Here’s to hoping!

Nostalgia? Groundbreaking: Anne Hathaway’s The Devil Wears Prada Moment

Also Anne Hathaway seems in the best possible way stuck in the 2000s to be. How else to explain the look the actress sported as a guest on the Spring/Summer 2023 show by Michael Kors wore this week? For those who live under a rock: Anne wore to the Kors show during the New York fashion week an ensemble of a brown crocodile coat and skirt plus a black turtleneck, complete with a ponytail and full bangs hairstyle. Fashion and film fans felt instantly at the final scene in Anne’s film “The devil Wears Prada” remembers: When her character Andy was told one last time by the horror editor-in-chief miranda goodbye, Andy wears one brown leather jacket, a black turtleneck sweater and the ponytail (she’s finally becoming a serious journalist!). And as if the look wasn’t nostalgic enough, Anne sat next to her at the fashion show Vogue boss Anna Wintour, which the character of Miranda is known to have been modeled after. coincidences? Rare in this fashion selection. But maybe it’s a coincidence that this week in the NYLON editorial office we’ve been talking about more iconic scenes from the Prada movie (no, not the one with the azure belt). Whatever the reason a rewatch is now almost mandatory!

Dickies Icons à la Pete Davidson

The iconic workwear brand dickies celebrates this year 100 year birthday. This not only moves the brand itself to special campaigns, but maybe also actors and comedians Pete Davidson. If you’re this year’s Emmy Awards followed, you shouldn’t have missed Davidson’s on-stage outfit. Instead of a suit and tie, the movie star wore a gray one Combination of Dickies’ “Eisenhower” jacket and matching trousers. Many suspect a reference to Kanye West, who wore the same outfit in a different color on the 2019 Met Gala red carpet wore. However Pete’s outfit choice is to be interpreted, it forms a bridge to Dickie’s own birthday celebration. The brand launched the campaign just in time for the anniversary year “Made in Dickies: Generations” and focuses on five legendary Dickies pieces: The one worn by Pete Eisenhower Jacket, the 874 Work Pant, the Coverall and Bib Overalls, and the Work Shirt. The campaign is told by five family stories. These include two small businesses that have existed for generations and three US-based “Dickies Makers” whose passions as singers and BBQ masters also run in their families. And the fact that the looks range from the workplace to the award stage is the best way to show why they have been around for 100 years.

Nothing there, Pinterest: Etro teasers collection with “Etropía” series of ETRO ETROPI%CC%81A 4


Anyone who has ever written a term paper at school or university remembers the Abstract or the exposé, which stands at the beginning of the final work. It usually deals with the key points and content that are explained on the following pages. The tactics of Etro’s new creative director can be seen in a similar way Marco De Vincenzo introduce: Even before a glimpse of his first collection is revealed, the designer has released a creative teaser on the theme. However, this teaser does not come in the form of scientific exposés or as a video, but as a picture series. Under the titleEtropia” De Vincenzo had nine portraits taken by Dario Catellani’s photographers Connection between reality and utopia, as well as between identity and imagination should tell. You can see nine models with different ones Face and body art paintings, ranging from simple gradients to floral artwork. Apart from this flowery and colorful inspiration, not much can be said about De Vincenzo’s upcoming work for Etro interpret into. The fact that the designer sends an advance message into the world is typical of him: As the colleagues at Elle once wrote, it is particularly important to the designer that his collections be understood. But for that you have to wait for the whole analysis, right?

Passing On Patagonia: The clearest step in fair fashion

Although the designers of New York Fashion Week are receiving compliments and applause these days, another brand boss is also likely to be among the most celebrated of the week: Yvon Chouinard. The founder and boss of the outdoor brand Patagonia has his $3 billion company donated to a charitable foundation. He and his family have not received any money from the company since August, but are still represented on the board and management, reports the Tagesschau. Instead of selling his company, Chouinard wants to ensure that the values ​​of the brand are preserved. Above all, it is about the fight against climate change. The largest part of the Patagonia shares is therefore to a newly established foundation called “Holdfast Collective” that donates all profits that don’t go directly to the conservation of Patagonia to an environmental organization. According to Tagesschau and the New York Times, these profits amount to around 100 million dollars a year. The campaign is probably Patagonia’s biggest and clearest coup to date. In recent years, the brand has repeatedly attracted attention with smaller campaigns, for example with the Call for clothing repairs instead of new consumption, or political positions against donald trump. “Hopefully this will influence a new form of capitalism that doesn’t end up with a few rich people and a bunch of poor people,” Chouinard said of his final move. And: “Earth’s resources are not infinite, and it is clear that we have already exceeded their limits.”

Cover photo: Dario Catellani/Etro PR

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