Fun facts About STAYweeK, Stay’s Birthday 2022 #Celebrity

For all K-Pop fans it is important when the name they will have as their favorite group’s fandom is announced. For that reason, many save the date of the announcement and celebrate each anniversary. But Stray Kids took it further and every year they celebrate the anniversary of Stay for a whole week at STAYweeK. Here are some facts you should know about the latest celebrations.

Stray Kids has always shown all the love and support he feels towards his fans and every year he celebrates the STAYweeK a special celebration in which they release new content for their followers for a whole week.

For Stray Kids, the love of their fans is very important, so they never hesitate to show everything they feel for their followers with all kinds of gifts and emotional words. Especially during the week of STAYin which the fandom celebrates the anniversary of your name.

Several years have passed since the group celebrated this event and STAY is still completely excited by everything that the South Korean group prepares for its followers. Here are some facts you should know about this week and the fandom.

Curiosities you should know about Stray Kids STAYweeK celebration

  • Time Out is a special song by STAYweeK 2022

This year Stray Kids released a heartwarming mixtape called time-out, With a fun video on the beach and in the purest rock style, the group gave their fans a sweet song on their anniversary.

  • In 2021 Stray Kids had a special program for STAY

Every year the group meets and does different activities to celebrate Stay in a whole week in which they make live broadcasts, record specials in which they live together and talk about their fans, in addition to spending fun times together.

  • Four STAYweeKs have been held

Four years have passed since STAY received his name and every year the group has not failed to celebrate STAYweek, where he fills his followers with all kinds of surprises. The most recent had a beach theme.

  • STAY got its name in 2018

It was on August 1, 2018 when it was announced that the fandom of Stray Kids It would be called Stay and since then it has been the name with which the followers of this group identify themselves.

  • The first free mixtape was OH.

One of the mixtapes that Stray Kids gifted to her fans during this event was OH, one of the first songs that fans could hear and completely loved. What is your favorite mixtape?

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