G-Dragon Bought A Car For 2.5 Million Dollars, What Makes It Special? 2022 #Celebrity

G-Dragon: A few days ago, the singer G-Dragon shared photos on Instagram that surprised his followers, as he could be seen on a Bugatti Chiron, a high-speed car that is very special. Fans quickly assumed that it was his new purchase and were shocked to learn the cost of the car.

G-Dragon took pictures with a Bugatti Chirona very expensive car and unique in South Korea. The photos were shared on Instagram and many fans quickly speculated that it was her new car.

For fans of BIGBANG’s G-Dragon, it’s no secret that the idol has expensive tastes. A few weeks ago he bought one of the most expensive apartments in South Korea for cash, so the idea of ​​him buying such an expensive car did not seem so far-fetched to them.

What makes this car so unique? The Bugatti Chiron is one of the most expensive and unique cars in the world and the reason why G-Dragon drew so much attention with the photos of it was because of what it means to own this car.

G-Dragon showed off a Bugatti Chiron online, a very expensive car

Through her Instagram stories, G Dragon shared photos about a Bugatti Chiron, in his photo, you can see the seat belt lock in the middle of a white surface. After seeing this photo, many people assumed that the rapper now owned this car.

The Bugatti Chiron has an approximate cost of $2.5 million dollars and there are only 500 cars of this series in the world. The car also gains great speed, as it packs a lot of horsepower, making it perfect for thrill-seekers. But it is also unique in South Korea.

In South Korea, they were only imported two of these amazing cars. So the idea that G-Dragon is the owner of one excited both his fans and the lovers of this car, who quickly assured that if you saw a Bugatti Chiron on the streets there was a 50% chance that it would be It was about G-Dragon.

G-Dragon may not be the owner of the car, says media

The Xsports News media ensures that G-Dragon is not the owner of the Bugatti Chiron that he shared in his stories and that he took pictures with the car that was in a exhibition. Although the idol has not confirmed or denied the information so far, many fans are wondering whether he actually owns the car or not. Being that the rapper only shared photos of the car. Do you think that car is his?

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