(G)I-DLE Won 8 Wins With TOMBOY on Music Shows

(G)I-DLE: Despite no longer promoting on music shows, (G)I-DLE got their eighth win with their new single TOMBOY, a song that has caused a great sensation on social media for its rebellious and powerful rhythm. Her comeback has fascinated her so much that they have become triple crown winners on the Inkigayo music show.

(G)I-DLE got her eighth win at a music award Inkigayo with TOMBOY. This award earned them the triple Crown at Inkigayo, causing his fans to join in a great celebration for his triumph.

The girl group has continued to dominate the music charts and their song has become a trend on different platforms such as TikTok, where they have created their own trend. The effort of the fans and the group has borne fruit, as they have remained in the top positions for more than 3 weeks.

(G)I-DLE’s TOMBOY is an empowering song with a pop/rock style about young people who don’t leave anyone behind. Its powerful song and fun steps made the song one of the most popular songs of 2022, having more than 54 million views on Spotify.

(G)I-DLE’s TOMBOY has won 8 awards and got triple crown on Inkigayo

(G)I-DLE’s song TOMBOY won once again on Inkigayo. With this victory, it will be the eighth prize won by the group and this victory leads them to get the triple crown at Inkigayo. Exciting all the fans of the group for said victory in the musical program.

The group competed against SEVENTEEN’s HOT and IVE’s LOVE DIVE. Being a fairly close competition regarding the points of each group, finally being (G)I-DLE the crowned group in the Inkigayo.

What does it mean to win triple crown in K-Pop?

Winning a triple crown in the K-Pop world means that the group has won a music show for three weeks in a row. This is a great achievement in K-Pop, since dozens of groups return every month that can bring musical proposals that unseat the most powerful group of the moment. So being the favorites for three weeks in a row is quite an achievement. Congratulations to (G)I-DLE on their triple crown!

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