Giant Announcement For These 9 Altcoins From Coinbase: They Are Entering The Basket!

Coinbase, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges, has added a new coin to its spot market while expanding its custody support to various altcoin projects. Here are the latest listings from Coinbase, which continues to grow its footprint in the crypto space…

Custody support for eight altcoins will be available

The US-based cryptocurrency exchange said in a new announcement that it has added eight cryptocurrencies to its list of more than 200 assets that are part of its Coinbase Custody service. As we reported, Coinbase Custody is a custodian for institutional investors with big money. It is leased in New York State and is designed to provide customers with a highly secure way to store large amounts of cryptocurrencies.

The first to receive approval from Coinbase was Victoria VR (VR), a video game powered by the Unreal Engine that calls itself “the world’s first realistic metaverse.” VR provides staking and allows users to purchase NFTs. At the time of writing, VR is changing hands at $0.053, down 1.9 percent. After VR comes Covalent (CQT), whose application programming interface (API) package allows developers to pull data from different blockchains. CQT is trading down 4.7 percent at the time of writing.

What other cryptocurrencies are added to the wallet?

The privacy-focused and censorship-resistant SelfKey (KEY) also joins the Coinbase cold wallet list, allowing users to protect their identities for Web 3.0 and the metaverse. KEY has experienced an 8.4 percent increase at the time of writing. Another altcoin that Coinbase added support for was Quantstamp (QSP), a security auditing protocol. The QSP is up 1.5 percent.

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Next up is Smart MFG (MFG), an NFT designer who provides 3D designs for the aerospace and defense industries before returning to the metaverse realm. At the time of writing, MFG is changing hands with a 5 percent increase. Also joining the Coinbase cold wallet list is Syntropy (NOIA), an open-source protocol that aims to improve the internet through encryption and optimized performance.

Another added altcoin, DeXe (DEXE), is a decentralized finance (DeFi) platform that aims to help investors by emulating the most successful crypto traders. The last coin on the list was Hegic (HEGIC), an options trading platform that offers zero gas fees and an opportunity for token holders to earn returns.

Coinbase surprisingly lists Kusama

Kusama (KSM), the Polkadot (DOT) testnet, on the other hand, is listed by Coinbase. As we reported earlier, the US-based stock market giant announced that support for KSM will begin soon once favorable liquidity conditions are met. Kusama is a public network where developers can experiment. The platform supports projects designed for the Polkadot Blockchain. DOT connects multiple Blockchains into a single unified network so that different Blockchains send and receive the transfer of any data or asset.

In particular, we witness that the listing announcement from Coinbase is rapidly increasing altcoins. However, this time there was no serious rise in Kusama. Despite the good news, Kusama has gained 1% in value over the past 24 hours and is changing hands at $72.33 at the time of writing. During the day, it saw a maximum of $ 74.14.

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