Girls’ Generation Accused of Plagiarizing Tokyo Disneyland logo 2022 #celebrity

A detail that appears in the Forever 1 MV caused controversy among Internet users, as some pointed out that this element in the video was plagiarized. The MV director replied with a message.

This year we have witnessed long-awaited comebacks within the world of K-Pop, beginning with groups that have been on hiatus for several years. The come back of Girls’ Generation It was full of emotions and surprises, but after great joy for SONE, some accusations appeared.

Recently, it was pointed out that some scenes of forever 1, the new MV of the SNSD idols, included a figure that had been plagiarized. It is about the huge clock that appears behind the girls in several of the shots and here we tell you what happened.

Surely you remember that the music video starts with the idols on a small float-style stage, with different levels, stairs, and huge decorations, including a huge number 15 on the back.

Some netizens pointed out that this figure was a plagiarism of the logo that Tokyo DisneySea used in the celebration of its 15th anniversary, so the comparisons began and different opinions clashed on social networks.

Forever 1 Director Apologizes To Girls’ Generation And Their Fans

The accusations gained force and reached the ears of SM-Entertainmentas well as the team in charge of the MV. The director Shin Hee Won was the one who produced the clip and recently released a statement that began with an apology to Girls’ Generation and their company for the company that broke out, but further added:

I am ashamed and apologize for borrowing a design without permission at a time when I was asked to make this music video

He pointed out that he looked for different references that had the vibe he was looking for to create the logo, but while he was inspired by the design that appeared in the MV, he did not verify that it was a Disney logo, for which he apologized and promised to conduct a proper investigation from now on.

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