Girls’ Generation’s FOREVER 1 Has A New Sneak Peek Video 2022 #Celebrity

After five years of waiting, Girls’ Generation fans will finally be able to hear new music from their favorite group. FOREVER 1 will be the new album of the legendary group SNSD and the previews for its release are more and more frequent. On this occasion, they released a video teaser for their song FOREVER 1.

Girls’ Generation will be back in a couple of days and FOREVER 1 continues to raise expectations with each of the advances revealed. The most recent, a video teaser for FOREVER 1, one of the songs on the album. What can you expect from this come back?

Many of the fans of K-Pop of the second generation are eagerly awaiting the return of Girls’ Generation, one of the most legendary groups in K-Pop, come to be known as the nation’s group. The members of SNSD have completed 15 years in the industry and will return with a powerful album which SONE is looking forward to.

As part of the promotions for the release of his new album, a new teaser in video for FOREVER 1, one of the 10 songs that will be part of his comeback. Did you see it?

Girls’ Generation Look Like Movie Stars In Teaser For FOREVER 1

Legendary K-Pop girl group Girls’ Generation is just days away from making their long-awaited comeback, after almost five years without releasing any new music. for the promotion of FOREVER 1the group released a advancement on video for their new song and MV.

In the teaser, the members of the group appear dressed elegantly, ready to show off at a gala. They are seen posing on stage, in front of cameras and paparazzi, looking proud and charming on camera. While in the background a melody sounds quite similar to Into the New World, the group’s debut song.

When is FOREVER 1 released? Girls’ Generation’s new album

FOREVER 1‘s digital album and MV will be officially released on August 5 at 6:00 p.m. (KST). On the other hand, the sale of the physical album will be available from August 8. Without a doubt, it is a return that thousands have been waiting for for more than 5 years and many cannot wait to hear what the legendary K-Pop group will return with. Have you added it to your calendar yet?

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