Giselle From AESPA Helps Homeless Animals With A Donation

Although the AESPA girls have conquered everyone with their style, talent and personalities, now Giselle has shown that she also has a big heart when it comes to helping animals. She knows the details of her donation.

Since their debut, the idols that make up AESPA have stolen all eyes and their success was imminent, the girls have collected one achievement after another and even made it to the Coachella Festival this year. But just as they add impact with their music, they have also shown that they have warm personalities.

this time it was Giselle who captured the eyes after a noble gesture of the idol was made known, although the singer did not plan for this to be revealed, a twist of fate revealed it.

What did the K-Pop singer do? SM-Entertainment? Giselle donated a very valuable amount to help a good cause that showed her good heart.

Giselle collaborated with a donation in support of homeless animals

Recently a South Korean organization called Yuhengsa received a donation anonymous 10 million won. They are in charge of helping animals that have been abandoned or simply do not have a home.

Shortly after receiving this input, Yuhengsa discovered that Giselle from AESPA He was the one who made the donation to the cause and it was then that the artist’s gesture was made known.

AESPA: Giselle received a special thanks from the Yuhengsa organization

When the information was confirmed, the social networks of the Yuhengsa organization in support of animals did not hesitate to share the story, placing some photos of the interpreter and a huge Thank you on one of them.

The idol’s contribution will not only be of great help to continue building a better life for homeless animals, but it will also be an inspiration for her fans and more people who can join the cause.

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