GOT7’s Jay B and Sik-K Leave H1GHR MUSIC, Which Company Will They Go To? 2022 #Celebrity

A surprise news arrived for GOT7 fans and Sik-K admirers, both artists will have new beginnings as they have just ended their relationship with H1GHR MUSIC, what are your plans from now on?

Just last year, GOT7 members joined startups to develop their solo careers, Jay B. elected H1GHR MUSIC and in May 2021 he was announced as the company’s new artist.

Sik-K had been with the company since before, but now both Korean singers have just made it known that they will no longer be part of the music label founded by Jay Park.

This news comes a few months after the interpreter of WILL WIN resigned from his position as CEO of H1GHR MUSIC, but it also took everyone by surprise because just a few days ago a new musical release involving both singers was announced.

Jay B and Sik-K did not renew contract with H1GHR MUSIC, announce their departure from the agency

H1GHR MUSIC shared a statement on social networks where they pointed out that the contract Jay B and Sik-K’s with the company has ended, adding that after several conversations it was agreed that it would be best to go their separate ways, so now these two singers are no longer part of the music label.

Despite this, H1GHR MUSIC thanked the fans that they have supported the career of both artists and expressed that they will continue to support them as a family.

Just a few days ago it was also announced the launch of BRBa project that opens on July 27 and will be in charge of Jay B, Sik-K, Trade-L, pH-1Jay Park, Cha Cha Malone, Haon, Big Naughty and more artists.

Jay B joins a new company, CDNZA Records welcomes him

Although there is still no news about Sik-K’s plans, the leader of GOT7 has already announced what his new company will be, the social networks of CDNZA Records were updated for the first time and that’s how they welcomed Jay B.

The company asked fans to stay tuned for upcoming activities, but one detail that caught their attention is that it is a new agency and the interpreter of btw It is his first artist, which has given way to the curiosity of the fans.

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