GOT7’s Jay B Has A Girlfriend, Who is The Idol Dating? 2022 #celebrity

GOT7: After dating rumors between Jay B and PURE.D surfaced, a confirmation would announce their relationship to fans. She knows who Jay B’s girlfriend is and everything she knows so far about their romance.

Recently, a South Korean online site revealed that Jay B of GOT7 has been in one relationship For a long time, the report began to gain strength and after that came more news, what exactly was said?

According to the report, Jay B and PURE.D They first met through a mutual acquaintance, they are both interested in art and gradually developed feelings for each other.

The two have apparently been dating for around nine months and “have been cautious because their faces are well known in the industry.” What did your representatives say about it?

Jay B and PURE.D are dating, so their relationship was confirmed

Though H1GHR MUSICthe company that represents Jay B. GOT7’s still doesn’t say anything about it, PURE.D’s agency did, confirming that the girl and the K-Pop idol are indeed a couple.

The news took fans by surprise, but comments of support for both and their relationship have not been lacking on social networks.

Who is GOT7’s Jay B’s girlfriend? Meet PURE.D

PURE.D’s real name is Kim Do Hyun, she is a special effects artist who has made her talents known, worked as an art director in dramas and movies but is also a beauty YouTuber who has caught the attention of fans. .

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